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​Below is a list of all of ROCKIT's shows, events and appearances at several venues, clubs, events and concerts.




 Event's / Club's:

- "WMC" Club SL, Miami

- Club WALL, Miami

- Club Arkadia, Miami

- Club FDR, Miami

- EMA Pre-Party, Zürich (MTV Event)

- MTV Hauptstadt.Club (Event)

- 20th Century Fox (Event)

- Fashion Day's, Zürich

- Miss Zürich After Show Party (4x)

- Züri Fäscht 

- 43 Years Fotogen Anniversary

- 3 Years Adam & Eva

- 2 Years Club V!OR

- 1 Years Club Vegas

- Open Air Festival – Frauenfeld, CH
- Mykonos Party Lakeside


- Kanye West (USA) Pre- and after show DJ

- Busta Rhymes (USA) after show DJ

- DMX (USA) Pre- and after show DJ

- The Game (USA) Club show main DJ

- Xzibit (USA) Club show main DJ

- TYGA (USA) Club show main DJ 

- EVE (USA) Club show DJ

- Nelly (USA) Club show DJ

- Mims (USA) Club show DJ

- Mario Winans (USA) After show DJ

- Nina Sky (USA) Pre- and after show DJ

- Faydee (AUS) Club Show DJ

- Sido (DE) Pre- show DJ

- Kay One (DE) Pre- show DJ

- DJ Snake opening DJ


- Dance ya Habibi (Resident DJ)

- Greeks Gone Wild (Resident DJ)
- Ladylicious (Resident DJ)

- K3P (Resident DJ)



  "Body on fleek"



- ROCKIT ft. Leslie Philbert

  "Live my Life"

- ROCKIT ft. Shadil 


- ROCKIT ft. Mouss MC

  "Kick It"

- ROCKIT ft. Nino Valdes

  "Dance Tonight"


  "Who you think you are"

- ROCKIT ft. Max Urban


- ROCKIT feat. Ryan Lane

  "Back to Love"

- ROCKIT feat. Maury 






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